Now E-Passport in India as well. E-Passports are designed to enhance the travel experience in such a way that onboarding, improved security and restrict passport tampering. This makes international travel much easier and more secure. This will be rolled out soon for Indian citizens.

E-Passport in india

What is an E-Passport?

As the name suggests it is an electronic passport. Wherein the passport contains an electronic chip inside like our new generation ATM debit cards. This chip has the information about the passport holder name, date of birth, address, etc. which are helps to identify the passport holder.

It uses a radio frequency identifier (RFID) and antenna to fetch and read the data. This helps the airline personnel to verify the traveler’s information quickly.

What do E-Passports looks like?

The E-passport looks like just like a normal passport. Only difference is the e-passport has an electronic chip embedded in it. With the E-passport also the traveler have to carry the passport with him while travelling internationally.

When we will expect e-passport in India?

Already several Indian bureaucrats using this E-passport as a part of pilot launch to gather the impediments on the implementation.

And now the Indian external affairs minister has confirmed that E-passport in India has been rolled out for Indian citizens by the end of 2022. The Tech giant TCS performing the implementation part of this feature.

Benefits of E-Passport

  • Enhanced security and reduced duplication
  • System will be able to identify the tampered passports.
  • Reduce the circulation of fake passports
  • Travelers can save time as they can pass through with quick check at the time of onboarding and immigration check points

What will happen to the existing Non E-Passports?

Existing passports will not be affected due to this implementation. They will be used as it is up to their renewal period. On the renewal phase they will be converted into an E-Passport.

Which countries already have E-Passports?

E-passports have been around for several years. More than 100 issuing authorities rolled out this e-passports. Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Ireland have issued such passports.


This future based technologies like e-passport in India will make our life easier on the international travel and save our time in many ways. Click here to know more about Indian passport system.

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