how to check your cibil score free

How to check My CIBIL Score for Free Forever

It is often the case to check our Cibil score while we are in a hurry to get the loan or some finance related services. But checking your Cibil score is a paid service from credit bureau. Here is the free way to check your Cibil score for lifetime.

How to check my Cibil score free

One Score

This is an mobile application that you can download for free of charge available on both android and IOS platform. The links for this app is shared below or you can search in play store / apple store to get it.

There is no subscription costs for the service or using the application.

source: OneScore
One score link for apple store
One score link for google play store

With One Score app, you can check your score whenever you want. No time limits or usage limits

Steps to get your score instantly


  • Your name
  • Mobile number
  • Your PAN number

Get your score

This app go through the steps you need to take to get your score. With the above prerequisites you can complete the process and get your score instantly.

Once you set up this, then for lifetime you can get the free credit score.

As a bonus they are giving you the Experian score as well (This is another credit bureau that some banks and financial institutions accept this score to sanction the loans and other financial services.)

Other benefits

By using this app, you will get the additional benefits as follows,

Payments history

Check your loan and credit card repayment history. If you afforded a new credit service like new credit card or new loan that will be added on the next score checking cycle.


Check your loan and credit card repayment history. Based on your financial activities, this will give you the suggestions to improve the score.

Graphical interface

It gives you the nice graphical interface on your credit score history by the past activities done by you.

Score synchronization

Ideally for all credit bureau, the credit score will be updated monthly once. The next score update for your profile also indicated in this app. So you don’t need to frequently check for the update. App will notify you whenever a update of your score is available.

Consider this too..

  • Please check the official website One Score for your queries, concern, their terms and conditions, policy updates.
  • Be aware that, at the time when you reading this, the prerequisites may changed as per their policies


It is advisable to check your credit score often to monitor the fraud activities on your profile and your score improvement as well.

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