Get your azure certification for free of cost | 3 Best Ways to Achieve it

You can get your azure certification by attending the exam for the relevant stream you need. Ideally, we can appear for the exam in pay and schedule mode. But now your azure certification is free of cost with the vouchers that are officially provided by Microsoft.

is azure certification free

Microsoft gives you the ways that you can attend the azure exam vouchers for free. These are the ways that they provided to get it done.

What is Microsoft Azure?

If you already known about what is azure, then you can skip this section. Or if you want to brush up your knowledge then continue to read.

We all know that, Microsoft is a tech giant in all aspects. They well known for their products. They have a versatile products that runs businesses all over the world. For example, Microsoft 365 (A combo of email, excel, word, power point, etc.,).

Azure is also a service from Microsoft that provides cloud services like AWS, Google cloud. They provide a stream of services that can power our business. There are 3 major categories of services,

  1. IAAS – Infrastructure As A Service
  2. PASS – Platform As A Service
  3. SAAS – Software As A Service

What is the need for Azure Certification?

Nowadays, cloud technologies are booming more than other industries. And it has a strong idea logy behind. So it is important for the business people to migrate their stuff to cloud services which is more secure way to communicate with the people all around the world. Compare to on-premise data centers, cloud services are cost effective over long time.

So all business people, turn their attention towards cloud services to boost their business growth. It is very important to understand the cloud concepts to work in these business environments. And if you are IT guy, then your next step in your career may be cloud. To understand the cloud services, concepts, their working mechanisms, azure certification is important. By completing these certifications, you gain that knowledge as well as this will improve your profile performance on job searching.

What are the certifications are there?

According to certification list, we may classify them into 3 categories

Beginner Level

These are the certifications intended to the people who just started their career on cloud. And in these exam syllabus, you get the over all idea or fundamentals of Microsoft cloud. By the time of writing this post, there are 3 fundamental exams available on Microsoft.

Intermediate Level

As the name suggests, these are the certification exams for those who already in the field and interested in gaining more knowledge. These are mainly focused on business case studies and services that we can use against the mission critical tasks.

Expert Level

These are pro level certifications for architects, senior developers, developers who are building cloud solution for their companies or own.

Ways to get exam voucher

You can get exam vouchers by registering and attending any of the below.

Azure training days

The easiest way to get your exam voucher is attending azure training days. These are the online webinars that you can register yourself to the event and participate as an audience. Normally, these webinars are most relevant to your exam syllabus.

These training day will give you the voucher for attending beginner level exams like Azure fundamentals, Azure Data fundamentals, Azure AI fundamentals.

Microsoft cloud skills challenge

This is quiet complex way to get the voucher. In this way, you will be join the challenge that Microsoft conducts online. These are intended to intermediate level. And the vouchers also you can only use for intermediate level certification exams.

Microsoft provides more number of streams for the challenge. We can accept any of the challenge. For example, If you want to become an azure developer, you may have to complete Azure Developer Challenge.

Microsoft Events

These are the collection of events that Microsoft conducts all over the world. Mostly, they are conducted on on-line. you can attend it from anywhere. By attending these events, you can get the exam voucher.

This way you can get the voucher based on the event. The voucher may reduce the fees for the exam to certain percentage. For example 50% discount or 100% discount.

Before register keep in mind…

  1. Use your personal email address to register
  2. You can register only once for each email address
  3. The exam vouchers will be sent to these mail address
  4. These exam vouchers usage policies are updated on Microsoft watch it careful.
  5. You can use the voucher only once.
  6. Attend the events or training days on time.

Schedule your Exam

Once you completed your challenge or participated on the events. Microsoft will send you the participation greetings mail to your registered email address. They will notify the same mail that when you get your exam voucher through mail.

In some cases, Microsoft will credit the voucher directly on your profile if you have one. To create and manage Microsoft certification profile, click here.

After this, you can schedule your preferred exam in the certification dashboard and use this voucher on the checkout. Remember, the vouchers are limited to specific exams most of the time. When you receiving the voucher email, you are informed about the exams that you can schedule for the voucher.

This voucher will get expired after some period of time (Typically, this would be 3 month from the date of voucher received). Make sure that you schedule your exam before the expiring date.

Next Steps…

Once scheduled, you will get mail notification about the exam information, scheduled date and time, exam prerequisites. Exam instructions, etc.

Carefully go through these information shared from Microsoft or the exam conducting institution.

Then its done.

Hurray!, you got your free exam…

Now you can prepare for the exam by go through the syllabus in the exam overview page. There is a online documentation of modules that you can use for preparing exams or you can go with instructor-led approach to get every nuances. Online modules are free of cost that you can utilize for life time and they are updated periodically.


All the best for your career on cloud!!!

Hope, this information helpful for your exam and career. For more information like this, have a look on here.